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Essential Oils Wellness Class by Mahler Essentials

Don't miss this great opportunity that will help you put your essential oils to great use!!

You will make an oil shelf perfect for storing oils on counters or dressers.  The shelf will fit four Essential Oil Bottles (15 ml).  Particpants will also label their own Household Cleaning bottle filled with an all natuaral Multi-Purpose Cleaner infused with Essential Oils.  Those in the class will recieve a scan with an iTOVi health scanner.  This scanner uses bioimpedance and frequency waves to measure which Essential Oil products might best support each persons health and wellness.  Lastly, we will make a personalized Roller Bottle filled with the Essential OIls that were recommended by the iTOVi scanner.

This class is great for those who have been using oils for years, want to make better use of their oils, and get scanned for which Essential Oil products might best support thier health.  This class will also be perfect for those wanting to get started in oils and need a more basic health scan for the most common Essential Oils.

Class fee is $30.

Additionally, a signature cocktail and appetizer is included.

Don't miss this night packed with FUN!!

Pre-registration is required, please call (507 )202-3815